About me


About me


I teach yoga in a way that’s down-to-earth and friendly, as well as evidence-based and free of dogma. I try to stick to plain English in my classes (avoiding too much Sanskrit and anatomy jargon), so my students understand as much as possible.


I started out teaching what could be described as a fairly dynamic and flowing hatha yoga style. However, as I learn more, I'm shifting my focus towards building stable, functional bodies.


I think it's a shame that some people are put off trying yoga because of the cost, so most of my classes and courses are low priced or free (thanks to funding from local councils and other organisations). I teach in a range of settings in the community.


I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2012, but my learning didn't stop there. I often attend courses and read relevant books and articles.


I am now a certified Restore your Core (RYC™) instructor too. RYC™ is an effective approach that enables women to improve their core and pelvic floor health.


I first discovered yoga around fifteen years ago and loved it immediately. I had no confidence in what I could do with my body, and no awareness of all my body could do for me. Yoga has helped change that. I could really go on here, but hopefully the rest of this site and actually experiencing yoga will tell you more!

Alongside yoga and RYC™ , I make my living in a variety of ways - all involving personal development, edcation and training. I work with young people (helping them decide what to do with their lives), I manage the Embodied Facilitator Course and sometimes deliver training/projects for Central Careers Hub. (If you want a bit more info about my background, education and training, see here.) I’m a writer too, mainly of teen fiction.

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