Ekhart Yoga There are lots of sites offering online yoga classes. I've tried quite a few, but this is my favourite.


Embodied Yoga Principles A new, unique take on yoga. I trained in this approach in 2015. In a nutshell, EYP 'emphasises psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to daily life'. I drop bits of this approach into a few of my regular classes and courses, but also deliver the occasional dedicated EYP class or workshop.


The Happiness Trap Information and resources about ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This is a practical, mindfulness-based approach that I'm increasingly interested in. I find it refreshing and real, as there is no belief that we should be happy all of the time and no aim to become 'enlightened'.


Heart Yoga Radio Interesting opinions from veteran Midlands yoga teacher Pete Yates, assisted by Anna Ingham. He takes a refreshingly down to earth and simple approach - often to yoga-related issues; but sometimes not.


Inner Bonding An approach to personal development that has been very helpful to me and is, in my view, compatible with yoga philosophy.


Jenni Rawlings Yoga and Movement blog Blog posts from a biomechanical and scientific perspective. I'm reluctant to go too far into anatomy and science where yoga is concerned for several reasons (mainly because it can add unnecessary complexity, foster fear and detract from our own internal body awareness), but I find this blog useful in how it challenges some commonly held yoga beliefs in an accessible and common sense way.


Lauren Ohayon (Restore Your Core) Lauren Ohayon is a yoga, pilates and Restorative Exercise teacher, who specialises in pelvic floor and core health. She has loads of great resources on her site and YouTube. She is also totally down-to-earth, BS-free and inclusive, which is another big reason I like her. I have trained with Lauren to become one of the first RYCâ„¢ certified instructors, which I'm really excited about.


Mike Taylor on MindBodyGreen Inspiring articles from one of the owners of Strala yoga studio in NYC. His positive approach to yoga, movement and life in general make a lot of sense to me.


Nutritious Movement Loads of resources from biomechanist Katy Bowman about how important our movement is to our health. Be warned: this site gets addictive! You too may be getting rid of furniture items and rethinking your footwear choices ....


Yoga and Beyond Podcasts featuring interviews with yoga, movement and wellness professionals. Again, it can get pretty scientific, but the focus is on exposing myths and taking an evidence-based and modern approach, which I believe is needed.



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